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Private University - One of the Nation’s 50 top tier colleges with 18,000 students, 12 separate Colleges and over 100 physical locations. The University was utilizing multiple Tier 1 Carriers with a blend of current and legacy type services. The Client believed their voice and data services billing to be accurate yet were concerned with their long-distance billing.


After a review of the University’s transport and long-distance billing S2K Consulting discovered an oversight within their existing long-distance contract resulting in inbound calls from Canada, billing at a rate of $45 - $90 per minute of use. After conducting a forensic review, it was determined which lines were generating these calls and immediate corrective action was taken to re-route that traffic while a new contact was negotiated. Although the Client’s rates were billing according to their contact, S2K Consulting was able to negotiate a $20,000 ‘good will’ credit from the Carrier. In addition, S2K Consulting identified and disconnected over 100 unused voice lines, 10 unused digital lines and numerous unused legacy services resulting in savings of over $350,000 per year.

Final Result

The University’s total billing was reduced by $445,000 annually and future calls from Canada are now billing pennies per minute of use.

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