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S2K Consulting FAQ's

What is a telecom bill audit?

A telecom bill audit is an in-depth financial examination of all your organization’s telecommunications expenses.

The purpose of an audit is to reduce your current telecom spend, ensure your Carrier agreements are implemented accurately, and confirm are not paying for services that are no longer in use. When performing a telecom audit, S2K Consulting will audit your local, long distance, wireless, internet, and VoIP Carrier bills and we will generate the most potential savings within your existing telecom spend.

Why do we need a telecom bill audit?

Your telecom expenses likely substantial and Carrier invoices are nearly impossible to comprehend which makes is very difficult for your staff to verify exactly what you are paying for. It is highly probable that you are being overcharged for services and even being billed for services that you are not using. When you engage S2K Consulting to conduct a telecom bill audit, we will act as a liaison between you and your telecom Carriers. Our staff is trained to verify every billable rate element, detect overbilling errors, and negotiate the lowest available rates.

By hiring S2K Consulting, we can reduce your telecom spend, increase your profit margins, and utilize your budget to its maximum potential.

How much does an audit cost?

There are zero upfront costs for a S2K Consulting telecom bill audit. Our fee structure is 100% success- based which means that if we are unable to reduce your telecom spend, we don’t get paid. You are never obligation to move forward with any of our recommendations and we will only be compensated on a percentage of the savings we generate.

How much of my time does S2K Consulting need during the audit?

We understand that time is invaluable and strive to keep our interactions to a minimum. Once you have engaged S2K Consulting to conduct a telecom bill audit, we will have a brief call to introduce your dedicated audit staff and convey our audit process. Once we have thoroughly audited your telecom bills, we will work with your staff to coordinate a call schedule to present our audit findings. We typically prefer to have calls bi-weekly for the first 4-6 weeks and these will last approximately 30-45 minutes.

The vast majority of the work will be handled by your S2K Consulting dedicated audit staff and we are happy to provide updates as frequently or infrequently as you prefer.

What does S2K Consulting need to get started with an audit?

Getting started with an S2K Consulting telecom bill audit is practically effortless. We simply need a copy of all telecom invoices, a standard Carrier Letter of Authority (LOA), and an internal inventory, if available.

What happens once our S2K Consulting telecom bill audit is complete?

Upon completion of your audit, S2K Consulting will present a detailed audit findings report including all actions taken and total savings achieved. In addition, S2K Consulting includes several value-adding services with its telecom bill audits. We provide a complete inventory of all existing services and applicable rates, a customized database which will allow you to monitor current rates and inventory monthly, and we will ensure your billing is consolidated as much as possible in order to eliminate any excessive time spent processing future Carrier invoices.

Check out some of our Clients for whom we have generated significant savings.

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