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Image by Ben Dutton



Included in the top 30 Counties in the Country, by size, our client requested a complete review of its existing Carrier network billing. The County’s current network consisted of legacy services and included both local and long-distance services.


S2K Consulting’s telecom bill audit identified a significant amount of unauthorized charges billed by third-party Carriers to our Customer’s bill. These charges were disputed, removed, and full credits were negotiated with the Carriers involved. Over twenty-five data circuits were identified as not in use and disconnected, in addition to thirty-five voice ports across their network. Several hundred POTs services were identified as not in use and removed from billing. Rate errors, incorrect mileage charges, and incorrect interfaces charges were also identified, corrected, and back credits negotiated. Long distance charges not properly coded were also identified and corrected.

Final Result

The County realized over $500K in ongoing annual savings. Inventories were generated and drawings of their complex network services, including interfaces, mileage and applicable charges were provided to the Client.

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