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X-Ray Results



Hospital District with 11 Hospitals and 33 off site locations. The Client requested a wireline and wireless audit.


Over 2,800 rate elements were identified as not billing according to the Customer’s contract. Rates were corrected and full back credits were negotiated. 1,100 voice lines were identified as not in use, suspended for two months, and subsequently disconnected. Ten data circuits were eliminated for non-usage and numerous corrections were made on data interface charges that were not properly applied. A significant, very complex, usage problem on the voice services for one location, generating thousands of dollars a month in usage that should have been $0 rated, was identified and corrected. Several hundred minor rate plan changes were implemented for the Hospital’s wireless service and over 80 unused lines were disconnected.

Final Result

The Customer realized $840,000 in ongoing annual savings and received $244,000 in back credits.

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