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City in Tennessee Case Study

Revolutionizing Telecom Expenses for One of Tennessee's Largest Cities

One of the largest Cities in Tennessee, home to over 650,000 residents. With a bustling metropolis to govern, they manage a vast array of services and facilities, all of which require a robust telecom infrastructure. The City used both AT&T and NetTN as their Carriers to ensure seamless communication and operations across departments.


This sprawling City, like many of its size, was grappling with a monumental challenge—escalating telecom expenses. With the monthly NetTN and AT&T bill exceeding $250,000, they recognized the urgent need to optimize their telecom spending. The City reached out to S2K Consulting, seeking assistance in uncovering hidden savings and improving telecom efficiency.

S2K Consulting took on the task of revolutionizing the City's telecom efficiency. Our comprehensive audit included a meticulous review of both AT&T and NetTN services, leaving no stone unturned in the quest to identify cost-saving opportunities.

Our customized audit approach revealed numerous opportunities for savings, which included, but were not limited to:

Elimination of Obsolete Circuits

Among the most substantial findings was the identification of numerous obsolete circuits, each billing over $10,000 monthly. Disconnect orders were promptly issued, leading to significant savings.

Disconnection of Unused Services

Over 100 unused voice and data services were identified and promptly disconnected, eliminating redundant costs.

Correction of Unauthorized Billing

S2K Consulting identified an erroneous circuit on the City's billing, which was not rightfully attributed to them. We collaborated with the Carrier to address this discrepancy and successfully negotiated a full credit reimbursement.

S2K Consulting generated over $2,600,000 in annual savings

Our no-nonsense and results-driven approach, combined with our commitment to reducing telecom expenses, enabled one of Tennessee's largest Cities to achieve unprecedented cost reductions.


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