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Success Stories

We focus on what matters most for each of our clients:
finding substantial savings hidden in telecom bills that can be redirected to funding vital societal purposes!

Your Success is Our Success

At S2K Consulting, we take great pride in helping our Clients optimize their telecom spend through a blend of our deep insider knowledge, understanding of billing nuances, tailored audits, and pure tenacity.


$2.6M in Savings for a City in Tennessee

A major City with a robust network infrastructure was faced with escalating AT&T telecom expenses and monthly bills exceeding $250K. The City engaged S2K Consulting to regain control of their spending and conduct a comprehensive billing audit.


$1.1M in Savings for a School District in Georgia

A prominent Georgia school district, serving nearly 90,000 students across 104 schools, relied on AT&T as their primary telecom Carrier. They turned to S2K Consulting to address the challenge of optimizing their significant monthly telecom expenses and enhancing efficiency.


$840K in Savings for a Hospital District in Florida

A leading South Florida healthcare system encountered the challenge of increasing AT&T telecom expenses due to the complexity of its network. Addressing their escalating monthly costs, they sought S2K Consulting's expertise to optimize their telecom spend.


$500K in Savings for a County in Florida

A large Florida county was facing escalating telecom expenses and billing issues common in local government. Recognizing the need for improved efficiency, they enlisted S2K Consulting for assistance in regaining control of its telecom budget.


$1M in Savings for a School District in Georgia

As one of Georgia's largest school districts, managing telecommunications efficiently is a significant task. They faced rising telecom expenses and complex billing issues common in education. Recognizing the need for improved efficiency, they sought S2K Consulting's assistance in optimizing their telecom spending.


$200K in Savings for a Hospital District in Georgia

A hospital district with two hospitals and multiple outpatient facilities faced rising telecom costs due to the complexities of healthcare communication. They turned to S2K Consulting for a solution to optimize telecom spending and improve efficiency.


Speak with an AT&T Billing Optimization Expert

Give us 30 minutes and we will share with you how we can significantly reduce your organization’s monthly telecom spending.

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