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Our History

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I started out with Southern Bell in 1977 directly out of high school. I was one of the very first female technicians hired as a result of the initiative enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Coming into a field that was all men created challenges and opportunities that have inspired me to this day.

Always being active and fit, ‘hooking’ poles, carrying 28 ft ladders, climbing under houses and running phone wires did not intimidate me one bit. This was in the day when you could order a green, ‘push button' wall phone with a long cord.

After 10 years as a technician, I bid on a marketing job that was the highest paid non-management position in the Company. Being selected for the position, I went from wearing jeans and boots to heals and hose (yes, we used to wear them). This opened my eyes to a world I had never been a part of. I thought to myself, “I have arrived.”

Being determined, once again, to be the best I could be, I became extremely knowledgeable about our computer (yes, we had one in a back room that we all shared) and learned everything I could about how services worked, how to use those massive books called tariffs, and how to correctly bill the services we sold.

After 10 years, Wireless came into play and I went after a marketing position, in management, in that field. It took me more than once, but I got that job and again moved into an area that was challenging, engaging and involved an immense amount of new knowledge.

I became the resident expert in the proper application of those tariffs I knew so well, when it came to designing and selling wireless networks to my Customer, T-Mobile. For 10 years I saw problems with billing, improperly applied rates, and overbilling of every conceivable (and inconceivable) nature.

When the time came and AT&T bought BellSouth, it was my opportunity to leave and become a billing advocate for my Customers. I absolutely love what I do, am convinced there is no one better in this niche and am beyond grateful for the opportunity I have been given to be of service. The rest, as they say, is history!


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