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Georgia Hospital District Case Study

Elevating Efficiency and Savings for a Vital Healthcare Institution in Georgia

An independent hospital district in Georgia, which plays a pivotal role in healthcare, operating two hospitals and numerous outpatient facilities. Efficient and dependable communication is critical in healthcare, and the district relied on a mix of Carriers, including AT&T, Cox, and Windstream, to meet their telecommunication needs.


The hospital district faced a common issue in the healthcare sector – escalating telecom expenses. Managing costs effectively is vital for healthcare providers, but the intricacies of their telecommunication infrastructure can lead to oversights and inefficiencies. The district reached out to S2K Consulting, seeking a solution to optimize their telecom spending and improve efficiency.

S2K Consulting took on the task of streamlining the telecom billing for this healthcare institution, focusing on uncovering hidden savings and enhancing overall efficiency.

Our customized audit approach revealed numerous opportunities for savings, which included, but were not limited to:

Elimination of Unused Circuit

S2K Consulting identified an analog circuit, billing over $3,500 per month, that had not been used for years. This service was promptly disconnected, eliminating a significant monthly cost.

Resolution of Long-Distance Issue

A long-distance billing issue was discovered, arising from employees using a Canada-based number for Zoom invites. Rectifying this issue reduced long-distance billing by $4,000 per month.

Negotiation of Credits

S2K Consulting engaged with the Carriers to negotiate over $20,000 in credits for past overbilling issues.

S2K Consulting generated over $200,000 in annual savings.

S2K Consulting's results-driven approach and commitment to optimizing telecom expenses empowered this independent hospital district in Georgia to achieve significant cost reductions. We take pride in assisting healthcare institutions to achieve their financial goals, further enabling them to make a real impact on the health and well-being of their communities.


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