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Georgia School District 01 Case Study

Transforming Telecom Efficiency for One of Georgia's Largest School Districts

One of the largest school districts in Georgia, serves nearly 90,000 students across 104 schools. Ensuring efficient communication across this vast network of educational institutions is essential to their mission. The school district utilized AT&T as their primary telecom Carrier.


As one of the largest school districts in the state, our Client faced the formidable challenge of managing and optimizing their telecom expenses. Their AT&T bill was a significant monthly expenditure, and they recognized the need to uncover hidden savings and improve overall telecom efficiency. They approached S2K Consulting for assistance.

S2K Consulting took on the task of reducing the telecom billing for this substantial school district. Our approach involved a comprehensive audit to identify opportunities for cost reduction and improved efficiency.

Our customized audit approach revealed numerous opportunities for savings, which included, but were not limited to:

Rate Correction Orders

A remarkable 177 individual rate correction orders were issued to ensure the school district was paying only their negotiated contract rates.

Service Discovery

S2K Consulting uncovered services that the district had requested to be disconnected years prior but had not been acted upon by AT&T. These dormant services were promptly disconnected, eliminating unnecessary costs.

Credit Negotiations

Through negotiations with AT&T, S2K secured over $335,000 in credits for overbilled circuits, ensuring the district received fair compensation for previous overcharges.

S2K Consulting generated over $1,100,000 in annual savings.

S2K Consulting's no-nonsense approach and relentless commitment to optimizing telecom expenses allowed one of Georgia's largest school districts to achieve substantial cost reductions while enhancing their ability to provide quality education. We take pride in helping educational institutions achieve their financial goals.


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