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Georgia School District 02 Case Study

Optimizing Telecom Billing for a Prominent Georgia School District

A major school district in Georgia, entrusted with the education of over 90,000 students spread across 130 schools. Effective communication is pivotal in their mission to provide quality education. The school district relied on AT&T as their primary telecom Carrier.


As one of Georgia's largest school districts, managing telecommunications efficiently is a monumental task. Like many educational institutions, our Client was grappling with escalating telecom expenses and complex billing issues. The district recognized the need to optimize their telecom spending and enhance overall efficiency to continue delivering quality education. They turned to S2K Consulting for help.

S2K Consulting took on the task of transforming the school district's telecom spend. Our approach was focused on uncovering hidden savings and improving efficiency across their extensive network.

Our customized audit approach revealed numerous opportunities for savings, which included, but were not limited to:

Service Disconnection

14 obsolete data circuits and 200 POTs lines were disconnected, streamlining costs and resources.

Voice Service Enhancement

All remaining voice services were put under contract, significantly reducing these monthly costs.

Billing Corrections

Overbilling on numerous voice circuits was identified and corrected, resulting in reduced monthly billing a back credit of over $186,000.

S2K Consulting generated over $1,000,000 in annual savings.

S2K Consulting's results-driven approach and commitment to optimizing telecom expenses empowered one of Georgia's largest school districts to achieve significant cost reductions. We take pride in helping educational institutions achieve their financial goals, enabling them to continue delivering quality education.


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