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Unlock Hidden Telecom Savings to Fuel Your Organization’s Mission

Risk-Free, Telecom Bill Auditing for Mission-Driven CIOs and CFOs
Are you a CFO or CIO of an organization struggling with:


  • The challenge of funding numerous priorities with a capped budget?

  • The ongoing cost-cutting efforts that have led to unintended negative results and inefficiencies?

  • The concern that further cost-cutting might jeopardize your organization's vital contributions to society?

Did you know...

…Companies waste millions of dollars each year because they are unaware they are being overcharged for their telecommunication services?


S2K Consulting understands how easily this can happen, and more importantly, we know how to

stop the overcharging and
create unprecedented savings.

Welcome to S2K Consulting!

With over 40+ years of experience, our expertise at S2K Consulting centers around intricate AT&T billing analysis for large organizations. Our unique combination of real-world experience with AT&T and a relentless determination allows us to uncover substantial savings hidden in your telecom billing. Our audits have created millions of dollars in ongoing savings for government, education, and medical organizations.


At S2K Consulting, we recognize the vital role your organization plays in society. Our purpose is to empower your organization with the means to invest more in your mission by reducing your telecom expenses.

Will your organization be our next success story?

16 years of service, over $30M in savings for our Clients.

houston healthcare.png
S2K Consulting saved our healthcare facility over $200,000

“I had the pleasure of working with Sherry on our telecom auditing project, and I was highly impressed with her professionalism, expertise, and dedication. Sherry and her team at S2K Consulting saved our healthcare facility over $200,000 in telecom billing. Their customer service is impeccable, and they always go above and beyond… If you are looking for a consummate professional to help you with your telecom audit, I highly recommend Sherry. You will not regret it!”

Siggy Tetteh

Chief Information Officer, Houston Healthcare

Our Proven Approach to Discovering Hidden Savings in Your AT&T Telecom Billing


Step 1

Initial Audit

Our experts conduct a thorough audit of your transport, long-distance, and other billing, identifying rate errors, services billed that are no longer in use, outdated rates, and more – all at no cost to you.


Step 2

Savings Solutions

S2K Consulting will present our initial audit findings and recommendations. Upon approval, your S2K project manager will work with the Carrier, on your behalf, to implement all cost savings opportunities and negotiate any available back credits.


Step 3

Realize Results

Our fee is contingent upon the savings we generate. S2K Consulting only invoices based on a percentage of the savings realized on your telecom bill.


Say Goodbye to AT&T Overcharges,
Say Hello to Found Money to Fuel Your Mission

Your first step?


Speak with Sherry Bellomo, President of S2K Consulting,

Your AT&T Telecom Billing Expert.


Give us 30 minutes and we will share with you how we can significantly reduce your organization’s monthly telecom spend.

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