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We want to save your school money

Uncover savings with S2K Consulting's risk-free telecom audits for school districts, colleges, and universities.

In a world of budget cuts and federal funds ending, our job is to find you money.

We help education organizations improve efficiency and reduce overall costs from inaccurate telecom billing and unused services. S2K Consulting specializes in AT&T billing analysis for large organizations—providing unparalleled knowledge and customer advocacy for mission-driven leaders, so you can focus your spending on what matters most.


Are you overpaying for telecom services?

We've saved school districts and higher education institutions across the Southeast nearly $2 million. Download our free guide on the most common telecom billing errors and how to fix them.

Why choose S2K Consulting for your telecom audit?


How our risk-free audits work:

S2K Consulting has a proven approach to finding hidden savings in your telecom bill.
Initial Audit

A thorough audit identifying rate errors, services billed that are no longer in use, outdated rates, and more.

Savings Solutions

We work directly with your carrier to implement cost savings solutions and negotiate available back credits.

Realize Results

S2K Consulting only invoices based on a percentage of the savings realized on your telecom bill.


Real stories. Real savings.

At one of the largest school districts in Georgia, our audit resulted in more than $1 million in annual, ongoing savings.

“Saving money is more important than ever. Just as the Superintendent asked for potential budget cut items, [S2K’s] work is coming to fruition. Please consider engaging S2K Consulting, even at this busy time, because we all need to find cost savings. [Sherry] is professional, efficient, and absolutely knows her stuff. She and her team do all of the work. We just turned over the information, and she did the digging and worked directly with our providers to find us credits and reductions. I am giving her the highest endorsement.”

Serena Sacks, Chief Information Officer, Fulton County Schools

Schedule a free call with Sherry Bellomo, the AT&T Billing Optimization Expert


Give us 30 minutes and we will share with you how we can significantly reduce your organization’s monthly telecom spending. Or contact us today with any billing question.

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